New Cake Dowel Design from Sweet Discoveries!

We would like to introduce and share with you our new design of plastic cake dowels. As a cake decorator for many years, I have been using the existing 12″ long cake dowels and with every cake. I found that almost the 1/3 of the 12″ long dowel ended up being wasted. We all try to make our cakes taller and more impressive, but they are just never exactly 4″ and are slightly taller. The new dowels are 1.5’’ longer which allows you to divide the dowels into three pieces instead of the traditional two pieces, and there is no waste at all.

12″ long. ——-1——- ——-2——- —–x—–
13.5″ long ——-1——- ——-2——- ——-3—— -x-

x is a waste

The cake dowels are made from FDA approved food grade plastic and are very sturdy thanks to flower shaped structure. They don’t roll while you cut them which helps to avoid the wrong cuts and makes the process less time consuming.

I am sure you will appreciate the beauty of this product much more after you try it yourself. And just remember these dowels are baker-friendly because they were created by a fellow baker, just like you with the thought of making our job easier and more efficient.
If you have any questions about the product, please let me know. If you’d like to purchase them, you can E-mail me your request at . I also sell them on E-bay (500 pieces for $115.00 with free shipping).