About Us

 W elcome to Sweet Discoveries!  Not just a bakery!  We are a cake boutique located in Antioch and specialize in creating custom-designed wedding and occasion cakes, gourmet cupcakes and decorated cookies.

Our products always taste as good as they look, because we use only the finest gourmet ingredients, exquisite recipes, and bake them fresh.  In order to provide you with a truly outstanding product, we practice the latest cake decorating technics and make sure all the details on the cakes are 100% edible.  Luda has appeared on ABC-7 TV’s Hungry Hound and has been written up in local Lake County newspapers.

We are more than happy to invite you to experience our service and discover the art of sugar and wonderful taste for yourself!

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Luda, and I was born and raised in Europe, where I took my first lessons in making cakes in the kitchen with my mum.  I started making cakes at the age of eight and always surprised everyone with their quality.  Since then, baking has been one of the passions of my life.  I seriously started considering professional cake decorating after I read the first book by cake decorator extraordinaire Colette Peters.  I later read every one of her books and started to try her creations for myself.  Wilton’s decorating classes helped me build on the basic knowledge about icing and the different decorating techniques.  Today, I still think there is so much to learn and discover–and I’d like to travel that adventure with you!